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Heat Pump

What is a heat pump anyways?!

There are 3 main components to a heatpump ­ the outdoor unit (called the evaporator) the indoor unit (called the condenser) and the refrigerant, this is what transfers the heating or cooling as it circulates between the outdoor and indoor units. It allows for cooling in the summer months and heating in the winter months. That’s right…steady ambient heating and cooling.

What is the difference between ductless and ducted?

Ductless Units ­- This is a more common approach for homes that have already been built, that homeowners would like to increase efficiency in heating their homes, and enjoying the benefits of air conditioning as well. These are wall hung units that offer heating and/or cooling to certain locations in the home. Mini homes and common areas do well with a single ductless unit. Bigger areas or multi level areas do well with a double or triple ductless. Where these individual units are wall hung in different areas of the home

Ducted – Where duct work exists or will be built in. Mechanically, the ductless and ducted units operate similarily The ducted unit installed in your home requires duct work to carry heating and cooling throughout your home, as there are no indoor heads mounted on the walls. This is a more common approach in new builds or when clients are switching from forced air oil systems to heat pumps.

Does a heat pump control humidity in my home?

Heat pumps can help reduce humidity in your home by operating in air conditioning or dry mode. For ducted systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be added for humidity control.

What kind of maintenance does my heat pump require?

For the homeowner: inside, every 3 months clean or replace your filters. The filter is located under the front cover of your indoor unit.
Simply open and remove your filter. Rinse your filter in warm water and allow to dry before placing back in the unit.

For ducted systems, your filter is located at the air handler typically found in your mechanical room.

For the Homeowner: Outside, for both ductless and ducted units, be mindful that your outdoor unit is clear of all debris including snow, ice, and leaves, pine needles etc Peace of Mind Heating offers annual Maintenance to keep your system working in top form. These annual maintenance packages extend the life of your heatpump, while preventing issues from arising.

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